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2014-07-16 11:29:33 by havikbstone

Hey guys I'm the lead guitarist of Essence of Decimation. You can find us on Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube, MBPTunes, Reverbnation and a few other music hosting sites. For a while I've been posting our music on this account (which was my old rhythm guitarist's account). Due to us being on great terms still he let me use this account and still does, however I am going to be uploading the newest stuff to my account mega-ultra-KH-fan. So go check that account and follow that one if you would like to stay up to date with our music!


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2014-08-13 02:52:08

Thanks! would be great if you had put a link through

havikbstone responds:

What would you like a link to specifically? I just know newgrounds and most social networking sites dont like you putting a bunch of links in your updates. However our first single as a band will be coming out within the next few days


2014-08-19 09:36:19

Though* And the link would be a link to your other account. I got to it though so no worries. and awesome I'll check it out :D